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Business owners. Outdoor enthusiasts. First Nations. Senior citizens and the next generation, too. People of all ages, from all walks of life, have fallen under Glacier National Park’s spell. They know how important it is to speak up on behalf of our park. Hear them. Join them.

“From time immemorial, in short, these waters have sustained our people, and we in turn have taken care of them.” Ernest T. Moran Tribal Council Chairman, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

“The quality of Flathead Lake is dependent upon the quality of the waters that feed it. The headwaters of this unique resource are inappropriate for mining and oil and gas development, which could significantly degrade its quality.” William D. Barron Chairman, Board of Lake County Commissioners

“The land and water resources in the Flathead National Forest provide vital economic benefits and ecological services for Montanans, including drinking water for several communities, as well as unparalleled public recreational opportunities beloved by Missoula residents and cherished by people nationwide.” John Engen Mayor, City of Missoula

“As a Whitefish city councilor and hydrological engineer, I know S. 255 is about more than protecting Glacier National Park. This bill is the single most important step we can take to ensure the safety of our town’s drinking water supply.” John Muhlfeld Whitefish City Mayor &  Owner, River Design Group Inc.

“Protecting Glacier protects Kalispell’s greatest natural asset, one that brings millions of dollars into our community each year and helps generate thousands of jobs. Without that pristine wilderness, our towns have a much different economic outlook.” Joe Unterreiner President, Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

“Flathead Lake is an important asset to Polson, its economy and our businesses. S. 255 will help protect Flathead Lake water quality and the economic health of our city from upstream threats of industrial energy development. … The United States and Canada have an historic opportunity to protect the North Fork of the Flathead River, Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake for future generations. S. 255 represents a crucial component of this legacy.” Jackie Cripe President, Polson Chamber of Commerce

“ConocoPhillips was pleased last year to voluntarily give up its interest in 108 federal oil and natural gas leases, covering 169,000 acres in the watershed … [we] relinquished the acreage after considering the unique characteristics of the area.” Jim E. Ford Vice President, ConocoPhillips Company

“Glacier National Park was founded upon the love of the incredible beauty of this land, the pristine lakes and waterways, the wildlife that has survived for centuries, and the willingness of a people devoted to protecting all it has to offer. We need to preserve this land as it is now and has been for years for all of our generation and those to come.” Cindy Ognjanov President & General Manager, Glacier Park Inc.

“While there are places in Montana where mining and energy development are highly appropriate, there are also places where other values should prevail.” Don & Colleen Scharfe Owners, Rocky Mountain Outfitters

“Glacier is a big part of why I choose to live here, and why many high-quality professional medical staff choose to live here. The park is a huge part of our valley’s quality of life, and that quality of life is why our economy is growing.” Velinda Stevens President & CEO, Kalispell Regional Medical Center

“The watershed provides critical habitat for bull and cutthroat trout and since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, hunters have been coming to the valley to pursue world-class mule deer, elk and moose opportunities. This valley truly is one of the wildest valleys in the continental United States, and we believe the next generation should have the same opportunities we have to experience this special place.” From a letter signed by 24 sportsmens’ groups — including Trout Unlimited, TRCP, NWF, Montana Backcountry Hunters and Anglers — representing hundreds of thousands of hunters and anglers from across North America

“This legislation would withdraw from development an area of Montana that serves as a gateway to Glacier National Park and therefore has important economic and recreational qualities. We hope that the Senate will pass this bill in the near future.” Lisa B. Barry Vice President & General Manager, Chevron

“Passage of this bill will not only protect Flathead waters and natural heritage for the future, but will also demonstrate Montana’s and the United States’ commitment to implementing the Montana/British Columbia agreement and to protecting Flathead waters.” Robin Steinkraus Executive Director, Flathead Lakers

“It's such a pristine area with so many recreational ties for all of us, and it deserves our attention and protection for generations to come. The economic impact this has for the tourism industry in Montana is significant; people marvel at what we sometimes take for granted." Chris Coughlin Owner, Glacier Guides & Montana Raft Company

“Canadians recognize that we share the international Flathead River and Waterton-Glacier (International) Peace Park with our neighbors in Montana. These treasures must be protected in both countries — and I support S. 255.” Casey Brennan Wildsight Program Manager, Fernie, British Columbia

“I moved to Montana in large part because of its clean mountain water. I have seen firsthand what strip mining does to a landscape. To allow that here — for the short-term enrichment of a few — would be to squander our children’s inheritance.” Heather Cauffman, Whitefish Resident



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